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Collaborative Innovation in the Public Sector: Identifying and Removing the Barriers (CLIPS)



The CLIPS project focuses on innovation in the public sector, which needs innovative solutions in order to offset the growing demand for effective problem solving and high quality services. We aim to enhance user-driven innovation by analysing and improving the future prospects of forcollaborative innovation, defined as the formation and implementation of new knowledge and creative ideas resulting from mutual learning facilitated by negotiated interaction among users, professionals, public managers, politicians, consultants, interest organisations and private firms. As such, we claim that user-driven innovation is not merely a matter of learning 'about' or 'from' users, but requires collaboration among users, professionals and other relevant actors who trust that mutual exchange of experiences, information and viewpoints will help to improve the quality of public policies and services by making them more efficient, effective, appropriate and legitimate.


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Roskilde Universitet (RUC), Roskilde Universitet (RUC)

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Roskilde University



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