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The tight chain, accompanying research (Stram Kæden, Følgeforskning)



The purpose of this research project is to collect, connect, and systematize fragmented experiences from companies involved in the “Tightening the Chain” (Stram Kæden), a nationwide program initiated by the Confederation of Danish Industries in Denmark in 2015. The overarching goal of this major change program was to develop more effective and efficient collaboration among business-to-business clients and suppliers in order to optimize the supply chain and, ultimately, increase the competitiveness of Danish industry. This comprehensive study connects the knowledge about the elements, tools, and methods from the project and increases the understanding of how organizations can strengthen the collaboration with suppliers, in order to improve the productivity and competitiveness. Consequently, the accompanying research project offers perspectives on how optimization of the collaboration within supply chains can contribute to retention and development of jobs in Denmark.


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