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Gift economy, public value and new forms of organizing



The study explores by means of two Danish case studies how and to what extend new social economies – such as ‘sharing economy’, ‘collaborative economy’, ‘circular economy’ - and the emerging principles of organizing, are based on the mechanisms of a gift economy? The study further develops a normative framework of the way by which public value can be conceptualized and organized from the perspective of a gift economy. The study offers a significant contribution within a particular research gap by combining two areas of research. On the one hand, research within the field of social economy, incl. gift economy, has mainly been occupied with new ways of achieving public value through social innovations and social sustainability strategy and not through a reconceptualization of public value.On the other hand, research within public value barely reflects other forms ofeconomies, such as a gift economy, although being aware of different capitals such as social capital and network capital.


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