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Weak Ties and Corporate Network Power: A Longitudinal Study (Weak Ties)



The key proposition in this project is that broad class and occupational status categories are blunt analytical instruments in explaining the replication of corporate power, and that sharper tools are needed to study how corporate elites create inner circles drawn from the upper classes. This project suggests that social Network characteristics explain the selection process; that we should focus on relations rather than attributes. This shifts the overall emphasis at the inter-generational transmission of class (Goldthorpe 2000; Wright 1997) and/or cultural traits (Jæger & Breen, forthcoming) to the intra-generational effect of social Network characteristics for social mobility. Historical network data from Danish administrative databases is used to model the importance of weak social ties in selection processes of incumbent members of corporate power elites.


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DFF/FSE/Post.doc., DFF/FSE/Sapere Aude - Forskertalent



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