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Environmental sustainability of tourist hotels, Zanzibar (EnSuZa)


Objectives and expected results:To investigate and test how innovative processes and organizational change in SWM and mosquito control can contribute to environmental sustainability of selected hotels and their surrounding communities in Zanzibar, Tanzania.Specific objectives:1.To assess the current life-cycles of hotel-generated waste and to identify innovative organizational changes that would align SWM with community priorities and national legislation.2.To assess the existing mosquito control practices at hotels and test effectiveness and feasibility of alternative non-chemical EM processes.3.To evaluate challenges and drivers for a wider adoption of organizational changes for integrated EM of mosquitoes and SWM throughout hotels in Zanzibar and in international standards for sustainability certification of hotels.4.To strengthen research capacity with a focus on sustainable tourism, EM of mosquitoes and solid waste life cycles.


Public (National)


Danida Fellowship Centre


Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy

Collaborative partners:

Zanzibar Association for Tourism Investors, Aalborg University, Agrec AB, Zanzibar Ministry of Health, The State University of Zanzibar, University of Copenhagen



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