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Nordic Centre of Excellence on Resilience and Societal Security (NORDRESS)


NORDRESS will create an interdisciplinary platform for sharing ideas and knowledge among many of the best scientists and experts on natural hazards in the Nordic countries, most of whom have not worked together before. Although they are all concerned with the causes and societal impacts of natural hazards, they see the problems from widely differing points of view. Bringing these people together will have an impact through creating a new type of dialogue, improving the understanding and fostering new ideas about how societal resilience can be increased.


Public (International)


Nordisk Ministerråd/NordForsk

Collaborative partners:

University of Southern Denmark, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, De Nationale Geologiske Undersøgelser for Danmark og Grønland, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, Swedish Geotechnical Institute, University of Iceland, University of Copenhagen



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