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Heritage Tourism for Increased BSR Identity (AGORA 2.0)



Numerous projects and activities in the past demonstrated the impressive variety of most attractive natural and cultural assets of the BSR. Unfortunately the results of the projects where often only poorly visible for a broader public. The project AGORA 2.0 focusses on fostering the common identity of the Baltic Sea Region by highlighting, developing and marketing natural and cultural heritage as business environment and outstanding strength of the region. To achive this aim 3 groups have to act jointly: scientific experts, NGOs and public bodies who are responsible for heritage (nature+culture),business environment and tourism. In this cooperation the BSR business development will benefit from the tourism professionals competences to attract people by making the heritage assets more visible, by creating innovative tourist products and by developing pan-Baltic heritage marketing strategies.




Interreg IVB Baltic Sea Region

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Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein, University of Greifswald



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