The impact of material artifacts and visual representations on the institutionalization of innovations (Material artefacts)


The research project investigates material and visual dimensions of institutional processes, a topic that hitherto avoided researcher's search lights. The project deals with the material and visual shift that the social sciences - and society as a whole - is currently undergoing by investigating how material objects and visual representations impact on the institutionalisation of an innovation. Focus is on the interaction between the material and visual characteristics of innovations and individuals' aesthetical reactions and behavioural response. Four empiric research projects will be completed: socially responsible business practice; concrete as building material; modern architecture; and cities' identities. The material and visual dimensions of institutional processes are expected to become still more important to our society as we increasingly value material and visual expressions of innovations. This development is already apparent in our implicit preferences for aesthetics upon choosing to embrace innovation.


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Danmarks frie forskningsfond

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Boston College, The University of Sydney Business School, Grenoble School of Management, University of Sydney



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