Welfare management and the orchestration of potentiality



This project explores the consequences for the public sector and welfare management, of the last years’ increasing celebration of radical innovation, co-creation, re-imagination and potentialisation at the cost of structures and stable expectations. My research stay at the University of Canberra and University of Queensland is central to this project for three reasons: Australia has moved in this direction to a much larger extent than Denmark and the rest of Europe (e.g. Albury 2011, Jaaniste 2009, Alford & Yates 2016, Moran, Joyce, Barraket, MacKenzie, and Foenander 2016, Stewart-Weeks & Kastelle 2015, Dean & Hindeness 1998), and it is important and interesting to observe these movements in order to see the direction in which Denmark may also be moving. Secondly, Australia has a lot of research in this area, which I think will contribute relevant new perspectives to my research within the field. Thirdly, I plan to arrange a conference at CBS in 2019 on welfare management and potentialization, and a visit to University of Canberra and University of Queensland gives me the possibility to find relevant Australian partners for this conference.


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