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Greening the Maritime Supply Chain: A Governance Investigation (Green Ship)


Maritime shipping is the oldest transnational business and the transmission belt of the global economy. With ninety percent of international trade traveling by ocean vessel it is of critical importance. Yet, surprisingly it has been virtually ignored by governance analysts. While there is a well-developed technical literature on ship design and the economics of efficient operation, sea transport is relatively under-investigated in the business management, political economy and global governance literatures. There is consequently a major gap when it comes to understanding the implications of the recent accelerating "green shipping" trend calling for greater environmental accountability and reduction of the air, land and water impacts of the sector along the maritime supply chain. This project addresses this knowledge gap. Through an international partnership that includes business management, transportation economics, and global environmental governance scholars from North American, European and Asian universities, the project goal is to advance research and understanding towards the progressive governance of sustainable maritime transport.


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National Research Council Canada


Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics

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Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia



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