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Organising labour market integration of immigrants: theory and practice


This multidisciplinary research programme aims at investigating labour market integration initiatives directed at immigrants, from the perspective of contemporary organisation theory. The project has its roots in practice-based approaches to labour market integration. Thus, its aim is to study how initiatives intended to support labour market integration of refugees and other immigrants work in everyday practice: how they are made sense of by integrators and by the immigrants, and how they are organised with the help of a variety of ideas, people, objects and activities. We shall use a multi-method approach to reveal as many as possible different aspects of the integration phenomenon in the context of migration. A combination of ethnographic, quantitative and historical methods will be applied to study the labour market integration of immigrants in five work packages, covering: 1) historical and contemporary sites of integration; 2) the role of the private sector in integration; 3) the role of community embedded initiatives and active citizenship, 4) the role of the public sector in integration, and 5) the complications and opportunities of connecting integration activities across sites.


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Forskningsrådet för hälsa, arbetsliv och välfärd


Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy

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University of Gothenburg, Chalmers Tekniska Högskola



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