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  • Partner: Ninna Meier

Creating Coherence: Leadership and Coordination in and Across Hospital Wards 1 (Ledelse på tværs)



"Creating Coherence: Leadership and Coordination in and Across Hospital Wards" is a 3-year research project aimed at investigating how, by developing and supporting management across hospital wards, a more coherent patient care can be created. The field of research "Management" has been characterised by a lack of studies of the managerial work that is performed. This project contributes with a comparative case study of importance to manangement across hospital wards for a coherent patient care: a cancer ward, an emergeny ward, and a medical ward with many patients. In these wards coherent patient care is paramount, but at the same time difficul to achieve. The advantage of a comparative case study is its ability to provide more nuanced and well-based results, which is important in the study of complex phenomena. Based on quantitative data from regional and national databases amd qualitative data like observations and interviews on management, worker, and patient level, the study will investigate how management is executed across wards. Then locally developed and implemented interventions, meant to support management, is observed to investigate how it can affect mpre coherent patient care. The result of this ambitious design is unique, empirically anchored research in management processes across borders in big, complex organisations.


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Region Midtjylland, DFF/FSE/Post.doc.

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