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Behavioral analysis applied to economics and to law (BeAn Economics)



Psychological theories, mainly concerning cognition, are increasingly incorporated in economic, financial and legal theory. Israeli scholars have been at the forefront of this development which in recent years has also caught on in Denmark. In finance, it enhances our understanding of fundamental topics, including the financial crisis. In law, it touches on the role fairness concerns, and how the law can be devised taking into account people's cognitive limitations. In the theory of firm strategy and marketing, psychological research and brain research have provided new underpinnings, and so on. Contact between the Danish and the Israeli research community is likely to be productive. In Israel, there is successful dialogue between economists, lawyers and psychologists, and it will be fruitful for Danish researchers to gain access to that dialogue, which is in its early phase in Denmark. Furthermore, the dialogue may strengthen education programs that combine economics, law and psychology, such as the HA-jur and HA-psyk programs at CBS.


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