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A Study of the Exploration and Exploitation of Collective Intelligence for Crowd-Innovations, Crowd-Creativity and Crowd-Predictions by Companies in Denmark



In the recent years, the rise of the Internet has enabled the emergence of new forms of collective intelligence that produces amazingly intelligent answers, creativity, ideation and predictions. Google, Wikipedia and Threadless are known examples of large, loosely organized groups of people working independently or together electronically in surprisingly effective ways. These new forms of structuring work are referred to as radical decentralization, crowdsourcing, wisdom of crowds, peer production, and wikinomics.
The phrase"collective intelligence" is defined very broadly as groups of individuals doing things collectively that seem intelligent (Malone, Laubacher, and Dellarocas, 2009).
Recently, there has been a rapid development in crowdsourcing platforms within the field of creativity and innovation. These platforms connects large group of creators and makes it possible for firms to use collective intelligence through open creative and innovation processes. This can add factors as speed, global knowledge, diversity and a high level of craftmanship to the creative processes. This potentially leading to improved competitiveness for companies through stronger innovation, differentiation and communication.
Firms have also taken advantages of the potential of aggregating the collective intelligence of stakeholders for predictions about firm performance using advanced aggregation software. Updated information from stakeholders within and around an organization can in theory help assess relevant environmental factors to faster gain a better understanding of changes under way. Such information, if valid, can enable organizational adaptation to ongoing changes and improve competitiveness.
The aim of the project is to research "the exploration and exploitation of collective intelligence for crowd-innovations, crowd-creativity and crowd-predictions by companies in Denmark".


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