Designerly Ways of Teaching for Entrepreneurship in higher education (DEED)


The common design education pedagogy of Studio-Based Learning (SBL) engage students in iterative hands-on experimentation followed by reflection. The cognitive strategies and metacognitive processes trained in SBL resemble entrepreneurial cognition in dynamic environments, suggesting that SBL may affect student entrepreneurial mindsets. Across four educational sites we will examine the mechanisms through which SBL affect student entrepreneurial mindsets, and the long-term effects of SBL on career choice and business venturing. Cognitive video ethnography of in-studio activity is used for exploring the cognitive and metacognitive mechanisms, while controlled and randomized trials will document the effects. Administrative university data is combined with business demographics and surveys to test for the long-run effects of SBL on career choice and business venturing. The project will provide recommendations on teaching for entrepreneurship in higher education.


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Professionshøjskolen VIA University College , VIVE - The Danish Center for Social Science Research



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