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SDC PhD Louise Lyngfeldt Gorm Hansen



The objective of the PhD project is to examine the processes through which efforts are being made to solve China’s environmental challenges pertaining to air and water pollution and, in this context, the role played by SOEs operating in strategic sectors of the economy such as steel, power and energy. Solutions to complex problems such as water or air pollution involve a number of players. In recognition of this, the Chinese government has welcomed environmental problem-solving initiatives by both organisations and international businesses - often through offering partnerships with SOEs (State Council 2008). However, SOEs have recently become more removed from direct state control, and hence examining state-SOE relations regarding environmental problem solving pertaining to air and water pollution, e.g. through the development of green technology, becomes increasingly relevant. Thus, the present research focuses on SOEs as players in order to provide deeper knowledge about the Chinese context as well as challenges and/or opportunities for Danish and international businesses operating in this environment.


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