Mistra-CSR: Project 1 - Changing markets & business models: Towards sustainable innovation in the fashion industry (Mistra-CSR)



First, the project maps the national and international institutional framework for sustainable fashion in order to identify gaps between the current institutional framework and a normative ideal of sustainable fashion. Second, the project studies how fashion companies view themselves and the important constituencies in order to establish a stakeholder network for the fashion industry. Third, the project undertakes an opinion leader study in order to understand what 'lead actors‘ consider as the main barriers and potentials for sustainable fashion. Fourth, the project conducts case studies of best practice companies within the field of sustainable fashion.Fifth, the results from the previous phases will be the point of departure for a large-scale scenario building workshop involving stakeholders from companies, public authorities, and civil society organizations.Sixth, the scenario building workshop is followed by an action plan workshop which is also based on a participatory, multi-stakeholder approach. Seventh, the project team synthesizes the main lessons learned from the individual project components into a set of strategies for the fashion industry, public authorities, and civil society organizations.


Private (International)


Stiftelsen for miljøstrategisk forskning (Mistra)


Department of Intercultural Communication and Management

Collaborative partners:

Swerea IVF AB, Malmö University, University of the Arts London, RISE Bioeconomy, Chalmers Tekniska Högskola



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