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Corporate Impact Initiative (CBS Impact)


The Danish economy is in the middle of a dramatic structural change. Global corporations are larger and more important than ever, in a country traditionally marked by small and medium sized corporation.To illustrate this point, the total annual turnover of the ten largest Danish corporations in 1990 was equivalent to 19.5 per cent of the annual GDP, compared to 52.5 per cent in 2013; a dramatic shift. Denmark is now host to some of the largest global corporations within health care, shipping, breweries, dairies, services, toy-production, pumps, and house equipment.CBS Impact is intended to celebrate the CBS anniversary through a systematic investigation of the impact of a selected group of critical Danish companies: what does it imply to Denmark - and to the corporations - that these global giants are Danish? Our hypothesis is that national competitiveness is directly related to the performance of these companies. We need more knowledge about factors that make Danish companies successful. Will it matter in the future that the giants are Danish? Why and/or why not?


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Maersk Group, Danske Bank, Arla Foods, Novo Nordisk AS


Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy

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Arla Foods, Danske Bank Group, Maersk Group, Novo Nordisk AS



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