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Pricing Excellence Programme (Pricing Excellence Programme)


The programme is:• Innovative, as it gives CBS the opportunity to strengthen research in a very important - but in Denmark generally overlooked - area.• Inspiring, as a considerable part of the programme's results is dessimination activities, thereby meaning that the programme's results can inspire improvements within pricing in all industrial enterprises in Denmark.• Economic sustainability, as the programme is on pricing, which is empirically shown to result in positive bottom lines.The industry's Pricing Excellence Programme will strengthen Danish industrial firms' short and long term competitiveness. Long term because the programme will mean a substantial strengthening of reserach at CBS and will upgrade education. Furthermore, the experience from the programme will be dessiminated in print and by website with concrete tools, as well as included in education of new Masters students at CBS in order for knowledge to reach firms through newly graduated students.But the prgramme will also have a short term impact, as it gives firms an opportunity to readily upgrade and qualify itself. Sharp pricing strengthens income and will to take action, enhances product development, opens for new market opportunities, and in extension, enhanced competitiveness.


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