Copenhagen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab (CIEL)


CIEL is going to be a unique collaboration model across institutions, disciplines, business partners and other partners. The partnership between the three universities consists of 50,000 students, 4,000 researchers and 8,000 additional partners. CIEL wishes to create an international leading institution within the field of entrepreneurship, inspired by Babson, Stanford og London Business School. These are some of the part elements:The "Every student an entrepreneur" program is a culture and campaign initiative with the target group consisting of all 50,000 students. The goal is to increase the knowledge of entrepreneurship of almost 100% among the students. This goal is reached by establishing a CIEL web platform which is to be integrated with the web platforms of our partners (e.g. Venture Cup TV), social media campaigns, entrepreneurship festivals and entrepreneurship award shows) The preparation of Key Performane Indicators enabling a measurement of the project's success. The establishment of 5 new master programs in Entrepreneurial Excel­lence based on experiences with the already approved Bio-Business Master Program, which is an existing collaboration between the 3 universities.Co-operation agreements with Innovation Centers Denmark, which will give the students the opportunity to visit foreign innovation hot spots.The starting of a "Entrepreneur-in-Residence" program, which will increase the entrepreneurial mindset among scientist and increase commercialization. Activities to attract foreign entrepreneurs.Long-term anchoring of CIEL will happen by developing an income setup to ensure funds for continuation e.g. by designing activities which are profit-making, share of ownership in spin-off or sale of services etc.




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