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Danish Private Sector in Developing Countries


This research draws upon Duncan Wigan's research expertise in Global Wealth Chains (Seabrook and Wigan 2014; Seabrooke and Wigan forthcoming) which is a tool to disaggregate to global movement of capital through portfolio flows, direct investment flows, trade patterns and government flows. The intention is to disaggregate the outward flows from Denmark into these constituent parts to provide a snapshot of Denmark's economic footprint in developing countries, identify the main sources of these interms of public and private actors, pinpoint which sectors are most important where, estimate the economic size of Denmark's presence in developing countries, and provide an evaluation of the trajectory of change. The research report provides for IBIS the intellectual and political foundation for engaging with the DANIDA and Danish business comunity on their role and potential impact in development, information to inform choices of where to engage and with whom, and a basis on which to identify areas of interest for further research for corporate engagement or corporate campaigning. The report will also outline the geography of the identified flows so as, for instance, to enable IBIS to identify what role 'tax havens' play in these capital movements. The research raises no sensitive issues since it is produced for internal consumption within IBIS.


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