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Gender Equality, Diversity and Societal Security



The Nordic model is often said to be characterized by high levels of societal trust, generous social universal programs and peaceful conflict-solving through cooperation within and among political and corporative organizations. These societal features have underpinned democratic governance and values such as equality, diversity, integration, trust and social cohesion. However, in recent years, the Nordic countries have been challenged by new social, economic and political trends and risks. More knowledge about the changing conditions for societal security is needed. According to a White paper given to the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget), the future Nordic cooperation should contribute to a stronger and common Nordic identity. Knowledge and experience gained by Nordic countries in situations of military preparedness and crisis will be crucial to this process. In this project, we will empirically and theoretically explore how increasing levels of diversity in the personnel of Nordic security forces (military, police and security organizations) relate to changing perceptions of trust and security, both within these organizations and in their broader interactions with society.


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Nordisk Ministerråd/NordForsk

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