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Global Innovation Networks and Sustainable Energy


This proposed PhD project is planned to be integrated into the ongoing SDC research project ‘Global Innovation Networks and Sustainable Energy’ within the Innovation Management theme of Social Science. ‘Global Innovation Networks and Sustainable Energy’ includes researchers from CBS, Aalborg University, DTU (RISØ and UNEP divisions) in Denmark and UCAS, Tsinghua and CASTED (think tank under the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology) in China. Over the past decade, China has emerged as a leading global actor in renewable energy technologies. The Chinese market for renewable energy is almost doubling every year, and the Chinese renewable energy industries are currently growing much faster than fossil-fuel-based energy sectors. Furthermore, the recent Chinese policy focus on sustainable transition and sustainable energy investments has become one to emulate by other countries around the world (Mathews & Tan, 2014). This proposed PhD project is planned to contribute to the analyses of causes and consequences of China’s rise in sustainable energy technologies, in particular as they relate to internationalisation of innovation, national and global governance, and emerging global innovation networks in sustainable energy technologies.


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Sino-Danish Center


Department of Business and Politics

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Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development CASTED, University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences



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