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Sustainable and Nature based Tourism: IT Course and Handbook (STITCH)


The STITCH project aims to:•improve general learning in the field of sustainable and nature-based tourism•strengthen the position of this field within the tourism industry in general•introduce IT-based learning into the educational programmes of top-level training providers. Sustainable tourism development, its strategic planning, implementation and management, needs a suitably qualified workforce in the various sectors of the tourism and hospitality business. As tourism is a rapidly growing industry in Europe, it is critically important to educate appropriate numbers of qualified experts as soon as possible. The current VET and higher education programmes are unable to satisfy the growing demand. STITCH will provide, through its IT-based course and handbook, a comprehensive learning tool complementing existing educational programmes. It can be used in addition to conventional programmes or as a specialised tool in further education. Learners will be offered three different levels of qualification:•Vocational education and training (VET)•Bachelor Level•Masters LevelThe course will consist of five thematic modules and a technical introduction in connection with the requirements of different businesses and organisations involved in tourism and hospitality. Course materials will be based on various sources, using different media forms and supported mixed learning concepts, combining individual and cooperative approaches. Through the creation of an IT-based learning environment, learners and students are able to work together in a virtual classroom. Thus, they will learn to examine issues interactively using up-to-date methods from different perspectives. The course will enable participants to develop innovative solutions for their specific professional field or region.




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Department of International Economics and Management

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Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovacao, Istanbul Ticaret Odasi, Tourism Schools Bad Gleichenberg, University of Greifswald, Llandrillo College, Rapidrabbit GbR, Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Klaipeda University




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