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  • Project Coordinator: Per Holten-Andersen

Research in Blended Learning (RiBL)



Technology and IT-based solutions are an important part of many aspects of life, especially for children and young people. Pupils and students of today are used to learn in their digital lives as well as in the physical world-they socialize online and could not imagine a world without technology. At CBS we wish to make the most of the engagement and motivation that digital learning provides for our students by developing new forms of teaching and learning based on blended learning. By combining online and classroom-based learning, blended learning is a powerful enabler of student-centered learning and produce strong learning outcomes. The integration of digital and real world experience provides varied ways for students to actively engage in learning based on their preferences and individual needs. Besides, it offers a higher degree of flexibility with regards to time and place as well as new forms of feedback. Blended learning also provides new opportunities for dialogue and interaction outside classroom sessions and for strengthening relations to business and partner universities. Today blended learning at CBS is in the early stages of development. The ambition is to make blended learning an integrated form of teaching and learning for all of CBS’ students by the end of 2022. This requires a research-based initiative to ensure development of relevant, effective and evidence-based blended learning for business and management education, and we hereby apply for funding for a research team in blended learning consisting of a professor and three PhD scholars for a 6-year period.


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