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The Studio at CBS helps executives, MBA, masters, and bachelor students develop wider repertoires of thought and action.


The Studio at Copenhagen Business School

The Studio at CBS, founded in 2011, employs and develops studio pedagogy for management education. It offers executives, master and bachelor students as well as faculty members an opportunity to develop wider repertoires of inquiry and practice.

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(Photographer: Michael Masser

Studio Pedagogy for Business Education

Studio pedagogy is common in design, architecture, the arts and crafts. It is powerful since it wraps learning into a generative relationship between theory and practice. We adapt and apply studio pedagogy to help students learn about and approach problems of present day management. The students learn by making, constantly referring back and forth between local solutions and general theories.

The Studio at CBS is an ultra-flexible environment that is particularly conductive to such a co-learning approach. All furniture is moveable and can be arranged in a few minutes to fit the day’s tasks and learning goals. There is always enough material to gather information, visualize ideas, develop models, and to quickly prototype various approaches to the issue at hand.

Regularly, we collaborate with government organizations, NGOs, and companies and have student and employee teams work on pernicious problems of the organization, and to find new ways to getting results.

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Location and Space

Since its inception in 2011 the Studio at CBS found home at a wonderful villa at Grundtvigsvej 25, 1864 Frederiksberg. The ground floor had a capacity of 40 people with 4 spacious rooms for group breakouts and a kitchen. The 6 rooms in various sizes on the 1st floor offered a space for 25.

In January 2015, due to a growing demand for studio courses, we move the Studio at CBS to a new location on Porcelænshaven 16B, 2000 Frederiksberg, Ground Floor. The new studio has a capacity of 80 people and can be divided into 40/40 or 60/20 depending on the class sizes.

If you would like to book the studio for your course, please indicate in the email to a short description of your course, purpose of using the studio, number of students, dates you would like to use the studio.

For visual reference and to check the daily life at the Studio:

Studio Education

CBS faculty offers a variety of studio-based courses ranging from bachelor to EMBA level across a range of topics. Also, with the Master in Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OIE) we have designed and launched a program that is based on studio pedagogy. There are also a number of workshops taking place at the studio involving administration, companies, and students.

Studio-based Programs:
Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OIE)

Studio-based Minors:
Design Business and strategy

Studio-based Electives:
Applied Neuro-Creativity
Fine Art of Leadership

Studio 3
(Photographer: Michael Masser

Experienced Studio Faculty

Michael Avital  Ester Barinaga  Daved Barry
Michel Avital       Ester Barinaga    Daved Barry

Shannon Hessel    Kai HocketsBill Gartner
Shannon Hessel      Kai Hockets     Bill Gartner

Stefan MeisiekBalder Onarheim
Stefan Meisiek    Balder Onarheim

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