Activities & output

The network engages in three types of activities and outputs: Network meetings, workshops and academic exchanges.


Network meetings
The ABC network arranges a number of network meetings for the core participants with the purpose of further consolidating the network, evaluating its major outcomes and discussing future possibilities for engaging in collaborative projects.
The network arranges a series of thematized workshops where all members of the network and external researchers are invited to exchange ideas, present papers and upgrade their knowledge and skills. These workshops bring together researchers with an interest in interpretive approaches to institutional entrepreneurship. The purpose of these workshops is for participants to share knowledge and skills with one another and to carve a research niche in collaboration. In addition the workshops are intended to result in a number of articles for international journals.

· Workshop 1: "Organizing Institutions: Agency and Interpretive Approaches", Copenhagen Business School in May 2010
· Workshop 2: "Organizing Institutions: Studying the Emergence of New Practices", Harvard University, September/ October 2011
· Workshop 3: "Organizing institutions: Creating, enacting and reacting to institutional logics", Banff (Canada), June 2012
Academic exchanges
A final activity in the network is the organization of exchange visits among the member institutions with the purpose of facilitating skill acquisition and research collaboration. Participants have the opportunity to spend one-four months at a partnering institution to increase their individual competency in an aspect relevant to the research niche. Such exchanges are expected to result in the publication of papers for international journals. We anticipate three faculty exchanges per year.


See also 2013 workshop at Harvard Business School

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