ABC Research Network


ABC Research Network: Interpretive Approaches to Institutional Entrepreneurship

The formation of the ABC research network (Alberta, Boston and Copenhagen) is motivated by a growing interest in understanding how individuals and organizations influence organizational institutional change, including established organizational routines within an industry or a society. Exploring one of the black boxes of institutional theory, this cross-Atlantic network investigates how individual actors initiate institutional change through organizational sense-making and how institutions, in turn, shape the process of sense-making. The aim of the network is to carve a niche for interpretive approaches to institutional entrepreneurship and to build an academic infrastructure that favors the initiation of collaborative research projects in the future.
The network is funded for the period 2009-2012 by The Danish Council for Independent Research | Social Sciences (FSE).

Research partners: The research network is a joint partnership between Copenhagen Business School, University of Alberta and Harvard University and involves researchers with an active research interest in interpretive approaches to institutional entrepreneurship in organizational analysis. During the course of the project, Boston College, Ecole des Mines de Paris and WU Vienna University of Economics and Business have joined the research network.

For more information on the network, please contact Eva Boxenbaum, coordinator of the network.
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