Externally funded projects

To strengthen CBS 'profile as one of the best research institutions, CBS has in recent years increased its focus on external funding. CBS works strategically to attract research grants from both public and private funding bodies in Denmark and internationally. Below is a list of the externally financed research projects CBS has participated in the last five years. By clicking on each of projects you will find information on which CBS researchers are involved, the scope of the project, the funding source and the time frame for the project.

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AcronymTitlesort descendingDepartment TypeStatusStart
Co-editor of Scandinavian Journal of Statistics from 1 July 2015 - 30 June 2018Department of FinancePrivate (International)Current01-07-2015
Medledelse i PraksisCo-leadership in PraxisDepartment of Operations ManagementPublic (National)Completed01-03-2012
Grey zonesCollaboration and relations between economic operators in the competition for public contracts – Legal and economic analyses of grey zones between public procurement law and competition lawLaw DepartmentPublic (International)Current01-01-2018
Coloplast Coloplast - co-financed PhDDepartment of Operations ManagementPrivate (National)Completed01-10-2013
COFFERS Combating Fiscal Fraud and Empowering RegulatorsDepartment of Business and PoliticsEU Current01-11-2016
COM 2.0Communication 2.0.: News from Organizational, Media and Communications ResearchDepartment of Intercultural Communication and ManagementPublic (National)Completed03-02-2014
Competitor analysis of basic conditions for Danish agriculture in comparison to the conditions of Northern European competitorsPrivate (National)Completed15-09-2015
Compliance and Risk ManagementDepartment of International Economics and ManagementPrivate (National)Current01-01-2018
ComARTComputational ArtifactsDepartment of OrganizationPrivate (National)Current01-01-2014
Conferences on Management and EntrepreneurshipDepartment of EconomicsPrivate (National)Current06-09-2017
Politics and SubjectivityConfession: Politics and SubjectivityDepartment of Management, Politics and PhilosophyPrivate (National)Current01-07-2015
Congress abroad - Dolores Romero MoralesDepartment of EconomicsPrivate (National)Completed01-11-2016
Congress abroad - Morten LauDepartment of EconomicsPrivate (National)Completed01-06-2016
COREConsistently Optimised Resilient Secure Global Supply-ChainsDepartment of DigitalizationEU Current01-08-2014
Contract Law and Economics in the Next Hundred YearsLaw DepartmentPrivate (National)Completed01-05-2017
Contract law and economics in the next 100 yearsLaw DepartmentPrivate (National)Completed01-05-2017
Contributions of universities/ academic research on innovation and growthDepartment of EconomicsPublic (National)Completed02-09-2015
Cool JapanCool Japan – Smart Denmark Initiative: Integration of data sciences in the tourism researchDepartment of Management, Society and CommunicationPublic (National)Current01-01-2018
Cooperative compliance in the Nordic countriesDepartment of OrganizationPublic (International)Current23-05-2016
Coordination of hoursCoordination of hours worked and the elasticity of labor supply to tax changesDepartment of EconomicsPublic (National)Completed01-07-2016
Leadership Initiative INPCopenhagen Business School Leadership Initiative/Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible LeadershipDepartment of Intercultural Communication and ManagementPublic (National)Completed01-01-2016
CFIRCopenhagen Finance IT Region – Cutting edge finance and IT in the Danish Capital RegionDepartment of IT ManagementEU Completed01-10-2010
CHICopenhagen Health Innovation - Vidensbaseret Entreprenørskab for Sundere VækstDepartment of Innovation and Organizational EconomicsEU Current01-12-2015
CHSCopenhagen Healthtech SolutionsDepartment of Innovation and Organizational EconomicsEU Current01-08-2016
CBS ImpactCorporate Impact InitiativeDepartment of Management, Politics and PhilosophyPrivate (National)Completed01-01-2016
Creating Better ForesightsDepartment of International Economics and ManagementPrivate (National)Completed01-10-2015
Ledelse på tværsCreating Coherence: Leadership and Coordination in and Across Hospital Wards 1Department of OrganizationPublic (National)Completed01-01-2013
CCJobsCreating Competitive JobsEU Completed01-06-2013
CNGSCreating Narratives, Generating strategiesDepartment of International Business CommunicationPublic (National)Current01-01-2015
CRE8TV.EUCreativity for Innovation and Growth in EuropeDepartment of OrganizationEU Completed01-02-2013