Externally funded projects

To strengthen CBS 'profile as one of the best research institutions, CBS has in recent years increased its focus on external funding. CBS works strategically to attract research grants from both public and private funding bodies in Denmark and internationally. Below is a list of the externally financed research projects CBS has participated in the last five years. By clicking on each of projects you will find information on which CBS researchers are involved, the scope of the project, the funding source and the time frame for the project.

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AcronymTitleDepartment TypeStatusStartsort ascending
Cooperative compliance in the Nordic countriesDepartment of OrganizationPublic (International)Current23-05-2016
European Economic GovernanceEuropean Economic Governance ProjectDepartment of Business and PoliticsPrivate (International)Current01-05-2016
I-REMBInnovative re-making of markets and business models in a renewable energy system based on wind powerDepartment of OrganizationPublic (National)Current01-05-2016
Ps2ShareParticipation, Privacy and Power in the Sharing EconomyDepartment of International Business CommunicationEU Current12-04-2016
Danish Regions - expert counseling and inspirationDepartment of Management, Politics and PhilosophyPublic (National)Current01-04-2016
Diverse Teams in Danish FirmsDepartment of OrganizationPublic (National)Current01-04-2016
Pushing the Data Frontier in Labor Market MatchingDepartment of EconomicsPrivate (National)Current01-04-2016
NEPSUSNew Partnerships for SustainabilityDepartment of Business and PoliticsPublic (National)Current01-04-2016
Diverse teams in Danish organizationsDepartment of OrganizationPublic (National)Current03-03-2016
AlgoFinanceAlgorithmic Finance: Inquiring into the Reshaping of Financial MarketsDepartment of Management, Politics and PhilosophyEU Current02-02-2016
Why are there so few elevators in Copenhagen?Department of EconomicsPrivate (National)Current01-02-2016
Ph.D Jørgen Valther HansenDepartment of Accounting and AuditingPrivate (National)Current01-02-2016
Nye lederroller i pædagogiske landskaberDepartment of Management, Politics and PhilosophyPrivate (National)Current01-02-2016
OPPA comparative legal and financial analysis of Public-Private partnerships for building hospitals in Denmark and SwedenLaw DepartmentPrivate (National)Current01-02-2016
Weak TiesWeak Ties and Corporate Network Power: A Longitudinal StudyDepartment of Business and PoliticsPublic (National)Current01-02-2016
PENELOPEPlatforms for entrepreneurship: Long-lasting prospects for a sustainable Greenland in the Arctic RegionDepartment of Management, Politics and PhilosophyPublic (International)Current18-01-2016
Redesign QRDepartment of Intercultural Communication and ManagementPublic (International)Current17-01-2016
Impact DaysDepartment of Management, Politics and PhilosophyPrivate (National)Current01-01-2016
Case Competition, 100 year anniversaryPrivate (National)Current01-01-2016
Global foresight: Anticipatory governance and the making of geo-cultural scenariosDepartment of Management, Society and CommunicationPublic (International)Current01-01-2016
CCentreTowards citizen-centred active ageing and well-beingDepartment of MarketingEU Current01-01-2016
Africanisation - From Næstved to NairobiDepartment of Intercultural Communication and ManagementPrivate (National)Current01-01-2016
TSSTrade, Skill premium, and Skill UpgradingDepartment of EconomicsPrivate (National)Current01-01-2016
21st Century City GovernanceBrookings initiative on 21st Century City GovernanceDepartment of Intercultural Communication and ManagementPrivate (International)Current01-01-2016
Foucault StudiesDepartment of Management, Politics and PhilosophyPublic (National)Current01-01-2016
Scandria2ActSustainable and Multimodal Transport Actions in the Scandinavian-Adriatic CorridorEU Current01-01-2016
InnoCoastInnoCoast - Innovation in Coastal Tourism: Co-creating Competitive ExperiencesDepartment of International Economics and ManagementPublic (National)Current01-01-2016
Carlsberg PostDoc - Xin LiAn Inquiry into the Survival and International Success of Resource-Poor Firms from ChinaDepartment of International Economics and ManagementPrivate (National)Current01-01-2016
Foucault Studies 2016-2018Department of Management, Politics and PhilosophyPublic (International)Current01-01-2016
Leadership Initiative INPCopenhagen Business School Leadership Initiative/Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible LeadershipDepartment of Intercultural Communication and ManagementPublic (National)Current01-01-2016