Externally funded projects

To strengthen CBS 'profile as one of the best research institutions, CBS has in recent years increased its focus on external funding. CBS works strategically to attract research grants from both public and private funding bodies in Denmark and internationally. Below is a list of the externally financed research projects CBS has participated in the last five years. By clicking on each of projects you will find information on which CBS researchers are involved, the scope of the project, the funding source and the time frame for the project.

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AcronymTitleDepartment TypeStatusStartsort ascending
SUNDHEDSPLATFORMENThe Health PlatformDepartment of International Business CommunicationPublic (National)Completed01-09-2013
Digital CulturesCentre for Digital CulturesDepartment of Management, Politics and PhilosophyPrivate (International)Completed01-09-2013
Negotiating SpainNegotiating SpainDepartment of International Business CommunicationEU Completed14-08-2013
CrowdingFinanceCrowd Dynamics in Financial MarketsDepartment of Management, Politics and PhilosophyPublic (National)Completed01-08-2013
CCJobsCreating Competitive JobsEU Completed01-06-2013
Material artefactsThe impact of material artifacts and visual representations on the institutionalization of innovationsDepartment of OrganizationPublic (National)Completed01-06-2013
Citylogistik KBHCitylogistik KBHDepartment of Operations ManagementPublic (National)Completed01-06-2013
SLIP/Poula HelthLearning Practically – The Way to Better LeadershipDepartment of Operations ManagementPublic (National)Completed01-05-2013
SLIPGovernance Design in the Public SectorDepartment of Operations ManagementPublic (National)Completed01-05-2013
SELFU&ASelf-understanding and self-alienationDepartment of Management, Politics and PhilosophyPrivate (National)Completed30-04-2013
IT challenges in Mergers and AcquisitionsIT challenges in Mergers and AcquisitionsDepartment of IT ManagementPublic (National)Completed29-04-2013
GO GrowGO GrowDepartment of Intercultural Communication and ManagementPrivate (National)Completed18-03-2013
Three Tracks for the FutureThree Tracks for the FutureDepartment of OrganizationPublic (National)Completed01-03-2013
FDB's historieThe History of FDBDepartment of Management, Politics and PhilosophyPrivate (National)Completed18-02-2013
CRE8TV.EUCreativity for Innovation and Growth in EuropeDepartment of OrganizationEU Completed01-02-2013
EliteForsk travel grant Kristin BrandlDepartment of International Economics and ManagementPublic (National)Completed01-01-2013
SDCSDC - Nis GrünbergDepartment of International Economics and ManagementPublic (National)Completed01-01-2013
FoucaultScientific Periodicals (Foucault Studies)Department of Management, Politics and PhilosophyPublic (National)Completed01-01-2013
Retlige BarriererLegal barriers for subsidiaries capital companiesLaw DepartmentPublic (National)Completed01-01-2013
LINGCORPEthnography of Language Encounters: Language and Interaction in the Globalized CorporationDepartment of International Business CommunicationPublic (National)Completed01-01-2013
CaseMakerInnovative ICT-platform to enhance case-based teaching and learningDepartment of OrganizationEU Completed01-01-2013
Ledelse på tværsCreating Coherence: Leadership and Coordination in and Across Hospital Wards 1Department of OrganizationPublic (National)Completed01-01-2013
Design, use and effectiveness of Management Control and ERP systemsDepartment of Accounting and AuditingPrivate (National)Completed01-11-2012
Foucault Studies MagazineDepartment of Management, Politics and PhilosophyPublic (National)Completed01-10-2012
Juliane Marie CentretLean-organization of patients, research, and education at Juliane Marie CentretDepartment of OrganizationPublic (National)Completed01-10-2012
CBGChinese Business Groups - Origin, Function and Global ReachDepartment of International Economics and ManagementPrivate (National)Completed01-10-2012
Pathological GamblersThe Behavioral Identification and Preferences of Pathological GamblersDepartment of EconomicsPublic (National)Completed01-10-2012
DEFINEDesigning strategies for Efficient Funding of higher education in EuropeEU Completed01-10-2012
Customer Care 2015: Integrating Brand Values in Customer Touch-Point ManagementDepartment of MarketingPublic (National)Completed01-09-2012
CRICCentre for Resolution of International ConflictsDepartment of Management, Politics and PhilosophyPublic (National)Completed30-08-2012