If you have been previously enrolled into a programme at CBS and would like to apply for re-enrolment so that you can finish the programme, please read here.


Re-enrolment to the same programme at CBS

For those who have been previously enrolled in a specific programme at CBS and wish to re-enrol to the same programme (and concentration / language if relevant) only. All other applicants who wish to transfer to, or within, CBS, must refer to our section concerning transfer.

How to apply for re-enrolment:

  • Apply by 1st January 2019 for study start 1st September 2019. Answer: 22nd February 2019.
  • Apply by 1st August 2019 for study start 1st September 2019. Answer: if possible, will be sent before study start but unfortunately this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Apply by 15th October 2019 for study start 1st February 2020. Answer: will be sent before study start.
  • Check that you have passed the 1st year of your programme’s current curriculum in the programme Rules and Regulations.
  • Fill out an Fileapplication formand send it by email to We will contact you by email if we need further information / documentation.

The conditions for re-enrolment are:

  • FORMALITIES: You adhere to the formalities surrounding the application (deadlines, documentation etc.); please note that if you are a non-EU/EEA citizen, you are to follow the general rules concerning payment of tuition fees.
  • FIRST YEAR: You have passed all the courses that are the equivalent of the 1st year of the degree programme in which you wish to be enrolled of the current curriculum.   

 Please be aware of the following:

  1. Re-enrolment is usually to the current study curriculum.
  2. If you withdrew yourself from your previous studies at CBS, the earliest you can be re-enrolled (if your application is approved) is 5 months after your withdrawal date.
  3. If less than 12 months have passed since you were withdrawn from CBS, you will keep the same original matriculation date in the system. You should be aware that this could influence your studies, especially with regards to the study reform changes, as you would still be bound by the timeframes given in the rules and regulations.
  4. Courses previously passed cannot be re-taken unless they are outdated as defined by the programme regulations. If you have used up all 3 exam attempts for courses not passed, you will be automatically given one new exam attempt for any relevant courses.
  5. If your application for re-enrolment is approved, you can email if you have questions about your SU.

If you have any questions, please email

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