If you have been previously enrolled into a programme at CBS and would like to apply for re-enrolment so that you can finish the programme, please read here.


Re-enrolment to your previous programme at CBS

Re-enrolment is for you, if you wish to resume your previous study programme at CBS.


You must fulfil the criteria for re-enrolment

  • You must have passed all the relevant courses (in content and ECTS-weighting) of the current first year of the programme’s curriculum. You can check these courses here.
  • You need a minimum of 5 months from your withdrawal date until the study start date for re-enrolment.
  • You can only be re-enrolled to a programme that is still active. If your programme has since closed down, you cannot be re-enrolled.


This is how you apply for re-enrolment

  1. Complete the Fileapplication form
  2. Apply for admission to the relevant programme as per the rules and regulations:
    Bachelor Admission
    Graduate Admission
  3. Upload the application form to your application:
    Bachelor Admission via
    Graduate Admission via the Application Portal
    If you do not upload the application form in the applicationsystem, your application for re-enrolment will not be processed
  4. Send an email with your full name to inform us that you have applied:

To make things easy for you, you do not need to include your old CBS transcripts. If we need further information or supporting documents from you, then we will contact you by email. You should therefore regularly check your email just in case (including your spam folder).

Deadlines, answer and study start

You can only apply for re-enrolment once a year.
The application process works in conjunction with the admissions rounds and is with a view for a 1 September study start.

Bachelor Re-enrolment:

Apply latest 15 March, 12 noon, via      
Graduate Re-enrolment:

Apply latest 1 March via the Application Portal

Your application is assessed in the admissions round if you cannot be re-enrolled:

  • If your application for re-enrolment is rejected for re-enrolment directly to the 2nd or 3rd year of the programme, it will continue on for assessment in the normal admissions round
  • If you are accepted to the programme in the normal admissions round, the study board will assess which of your previously passed courses can be credit transferred to the programme’s current curriculum. It may be the case that not all of your courses can be credit transferred meaning that you may be missing more ECTS-points than when you originally withdrew from the programme

The length of time since your last enrolment can affect your status

If there is less than 12 months from your withdrawal date to a potential re-enrolment study start date, you will keep your original enrolment date. This can be a problem, for example, if you were initially withdrawn because you did not complete your studies within the allotted study time. In this scenario, your situation will not have changed and you would be withdrawn once more due to non-compliance of the same rule.

In some situations, it is therefore an advantage to wait before applying for re-enrolment so that you have at least 12 months between your withdrawal date and your potential re-enrolment date.

Rules and regulations

You can find the official rules and regulations governing university admission (including re-enrolment to university admission) in the official government website Unfortunately, this is available in Danish only.

Contact Us

If you have any questions concerning re-enrolment, you are welcome to contact us at


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