One in three Berlingske Talent 100 is once again a CBS alum

When the Danish 'Berlingske Business Magasin' announced this year’s 100+1 top talent list on 19 April, one-third of them were once again alumni from CBS. The +1 talent was Denmark's youngest mayor, who Berlingske Business itself had picked as an additional talent in its annual Talent 100 magazine.


Berlingske Talent 100 2018 gruppefoto

This year, in 2018, 100+1 top young talents were picked for Berlingske Talent 100. (Photo: Bjarke MacCarthy)

Thirty-four of this year's Berlingske Talent 100 talents are CBS graduates, 25 with an MSC in Economics and Business Administration, one with an MA in International Business and Communication, two with a bachelor, 5 with a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, and one with a PhD. 

The fact that one-third of the talents have a degree from CBS reflects the same basic result from year to year in Berlingske Business’ selection of young talents. The director of CBS Business, Louise Seest, was particularly proud of this, which she expressed when she bid this year’s talents welcome to CBS for the Talent 100 Conference held at Ovnhallen on Thursday afternoon 19 April. 

The programme’s keynote speakers featured Anders Colding Friis, CEO of Pandora and CBS alum, and this year’s +1 talent, Holbæk’s twenty-five-year-old Social Democrat mayor, Christina Krzyrosiak Hansen who was independently selected by Berlingske Business and portrayed on the cover of this year’s Talent 100 magazine.

The right mix of humility and pride

In the magazine’s editorial comment, business editor Peter Suppli Benson pointed out that Danes need to challenge the just-who-do-you-think-you-are mentality and applaud and loudly celebrate when we or others are good at something:

“Never mind that we aren’t equal. Some people are simply better at some things than others, and we should cultivate this.”

Frederik Hvidt, HQ Executive at ISS Facility Service, with an MA in Business Administration from CBS, is a good example of someone on the 2018 Talent 100 list with an understanding of the balance between down-to-earth humility and excellence. When he started his job, he put on work clothes and visited all of the office buildings that he had just become responsible for to personally experience the workday in the field. 

- Being named on the Talent 100 list is quite an accolade, but I must admit to being a bit challenged by the feeling that I should be humble about this. But then I realised that I was nominated based on the work that I actually do in a large company with many employees, so it should be okay for me to give myself a pat on the back and say good work, a job well done, explains Hvidt.  

1,500 Berlingske Business talents since 2004

Berlingske Business has been selecting talents and publishing the Talent 100 special issue for 15 years now. The focus is on 100 young talents under the age of 35 from a broad range of categories. 

The talents are nominated by businesses and public organisations – sometimes even as an executive management decision. A team of Berlingske Business editors and journalists then select the 100 talents based on the qualifying justifications that accompany the nominations, as well as the individuals’ CVs and age.

In all 400 candidates were nominated for the 2018 Talent 100 list.

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