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Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises can collaborate with researchers and students from CBS to find solutions to their challenges.

Øresund Match

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CBS collaborates with various organisations including SME's to strengthen the students' career readiness, capabilities and knowledge of the benefits of working in an SME. As part of the CBS Career Partnership Network, you can participate in career events and other activities, where you can meet talented students.

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ØRESUND MATCH - knowledge collaboration with SME’s

Øresund Match is an EU funded project in which CBS, DTU and CPH business are knowledge institutions participating on the Danish side. In addition to that, Denmark also has the Copenhagen Business Hub (EHHS) who act as an intermediary link between SME’s and the knowledge institutions. The think tank REG LAB is the project lead and is responsible for collecting all learning from the project.

The project will test a process in which SME’s start with Copenhagen Business Hub and thus throughout the entirety of the process with the knowledge institutions ensure that the collaboration is of value to both parties.

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Copenhagen Business Hub
Source: Copenhagen Business Hub, Øresund Match


We advise SME’s in this project to contact Copenhagen Business Hub (see details below). In doing this, going through the necessary process to ensure that the SME establishes their knowledge collaboration with the most relevant institution within their focus area.


Do you need to develop your company’s processes or business model in order to strengthen your place on the market? In need of fresh eyes that can solve your company’s complex challenges?

All involved parties share a mutual interest in enabling SME’s, students and researchers to have more efficient and easily available collaborations. CBS has a wealth of knowledge that could be of great use to SME’s and we believe equally that SME’s have challenges that could develop and enrich both students and researchers.


A knowledge collaboration can be directed towards students or researchers or have focus on competence development.

At CBS, we expect that the following student projects could be of interest to participating SME’s:

  • Internship (3-6 months in which a student works at your company as part of their education). PDF iconLearn more about the criteria and expectations for internships
  • Bachelor or master thesis collaborations with one or more students
  • Cases in teaching
  • Participation in case competition/other events where SME’s are the case company

Participation in a student project is free of charge.

At CBS, we also see many opportunities to invite SME’s into our courses and executive degrees. We can also help in communicating interest in being a teaching case on our Full-Time MBA programme.

Collaboration between researchers and SME’s is often a longer process that also requires financing. Copenhagen Business Hub is also able to help with this.

As part of the project, we also wish to emphasize for SME’s the opportunities with our various courses and executive degrees at CBS. Some of which have a fee, where others are free of charge.

Whether you are working at CBS and find this project interesting or if you are an SME interested in collaborating with CBS, please feel free to reach out.


Julie Darholt
Relations Manager and Project Lead at CBS for Øresund Match
+45 4185 2143

Signe Møller Jørgensen
Project Coordinator, Erhvervshus Hovedstaden (Copenhagen Business Hub)
+45 6188 4619

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