FAQ for master applicants

On Sunday 15 June, the CBS Admissions Office uploads the replies to this year's applications for master programmes. Applicants are either fully admitted, conditionally admitted or, unfortunately, rejected.


Fully or conditionally admitted

If you are either fully or conditionally admitted, please remember to accept the place we have offered you before 22 June at 12:00 noon.

If you have been conditionally admitted, please remember to document that you meet the requirements before 1 September 2014. Read the conditions carefully, so you are perfectly aware of what you have to do. Upload your documentation in the Admission Flow. If you are in doubt of what to upload, or if you are not able to download any documentation before the deadline, please write a note on your application in the Admission Flow. Read more about ”conditional acceptance” on our website and in the FAQ.

If you wish to read more about introduction activities and commencement, take a look at our student intranet e-Campus.


You have been rejected, because you do not meet the specific entry requirements for the programme, or because the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of places. You might also have been rejected, because you have failed to send an application or (sufficient) documentation in time, or because you have not paid your application or tuition fee.

If your letter of rejection says that you have been rejected because you do not meet the requirements for English/Danish, because you have not obtained your bachelor degree, or because you are an exemptee, it might not be the only reason for rejecting you. You are still rejected, even if you have obtained your bachelor degree in the meantime or now meet the language requirements. CBS is obligated to mention these reasons together with the other reasons for rejection.

For more information about admission, you can read more on your programme page about admission and entry requirements.

How do I get in touch with the Admissions Office?

If you have any questions regarding your admission letter, please write it in a note on your application in the Admission Flow. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Please note that the Admissions Office cannot answer questions regarding your application and the reply by telephone, on Facebook or at the Student Hub.

Please write a note and be patient with us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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