Statistik, markedsdata, forbrugeradfærdsdata, kvantitative undersøgelser og analyser .


Statistik, markedsdata, forbrugeradfærdsdata, kvantitative undersøgelser og analyser .

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Statista is a statistics portal that provides statistics and other data on various topics. They are grouped into 20 major headings such as advertising, telecommunications, groceries and convenience goods, education, transport and tourism. According to Statista’s own information, there are statistics about more than 80,000 items from over 20,000 different sources.

The statistics are collected from freely available sources such as the World Bank, the US Census Bureau and the IMF, and from "protected" sources, where Statista typically retrieves data from press releases etc.  To each statistical information, you find detailed background information such as source and date specification, information on the applied methods and keywords. The latter you can use for additional searches.

The geographical coverage is worldwide.

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"Global Consumer Survey" – module
The Global Consumer Survey provides information and analyses on consumer behavior and media usage (on and offline) based on data from more than 120,000 consumers in 28 countries, who were questioned about more than 50 topics and industries and 1,400 brands.

Multiple languages
You have access to both an English, German, Spanish and French-language version of Statista. And the content is not identical. Start in the German-language version if you are looking for data and statistics on Germany and the German market and to a lesser extent also the European market. And use German keywords.

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How to search
Data is found through searches or by browsing the hierarchical structure. The system automatically retrieves keywords, which you can use for further searches when you search. Your search results can be delimited in different ways: date, geographical, subject, language etc.


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The statistics can be downloaded in the following formats: JPG (to use in Word), PowerPoint and Excel. In addition, it can be printed and shared on social media.

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Geography The world
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