New funding option available for German students

CBS Full-time MBA office is pleased to announce yet another partnership designed to help students finance their MBA year: students from Germany can now apply for a loan with Deutsche Bildung.


University education should be the best time in the life of every student. Unfortunately, fun and individual fulfilment often cease to exist, when a student is forced to finance his studies alone.

Deutsche Bildung's financial support programme offers a solution: Students from Germany may receive monthly payments and if needed one-time payments up to a total up to EUR 25,000. The repayment is income-linked, i.e. grantees are going to pay a fixed percentage of their future income for a fixed duration back to the study fund, once they have entered their first job successfully. Term, level and duration of repayment are individually fixed at conclusion of contract.

In addition to the financial funding Deutsche Bildung supports the personal development of the grantees systematically by the extra-curricular program “WissenPlus” that focuses on the improvement of important competencies by a wide range of online- and live-services.

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View the original press release (document is in German) from Deutsche Bildung: deutsche_bildung_copenhagenbusinessschool_130806.pdf

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