Grant from The Danish Social Sciences Research Council (FSE)


Grant from The Danish Social Sciences Research Council  (FSE)  - November 2012 for the project: Gender Gap in Educational and Occupational Choices.


Herdis Steingrimsdóttir is awarded a grant of DKK 1.5 million from The Danish Social Sciences Research Council  (FSE) for the project:


 What Explains the Gender Gap in Educational and Occupational Choices Among Young People in Denmark?

Project description:

Although the labor force participation rate among Danish women is one of the highest in OECD countries, Danish college and university students tend to segregate by gender when they choose their field of study. As gender segregation in the field of study may be linked to wage gaps and other gender disparities in the labor market, studying the underlying factors that lead men and women to choose different types of education can inform policies aimed at improving gender equality. This project seeks to deepen our understanding of why men and women differ in their educational and occupational choices with a particular focus on the role that family background and sex role socialization play. I will focus on the effect of exogenous change in mothers' relative bargaining power, as well as the effect of the gender composition of one's siblings, on the sex typicality of people's educational and occupational choices.


The project is described in the following way: How do CEOs, owners and board members affect the environmental efficiency of the firms they head? Despite the centrality of such question to understand why some firms pollute more than others, the existing evidence on this topic remains limited. Using comprehensive data on Danish firms, this project aims at investigating the many determinants of the adoption and success of environmental policies at the company level. The ambition of the project is to provide new insights on how to formulate policies that are both cost-efficient for the firms and effective in reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the aggregate level.



Contact: Herdis Steingrimsdóttir


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