New center

International Center for Business and Politics


On September 1st 2004 Copenhagen Business School opened a new research center under the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration: 'The International Center for Business and Politics'.

Professor Ove K. Pedersen has been appointed Director of Research and assumed the position as Professor in Comparative Political Economy with CBS. The International Center for Business and Politics is also pleased to welcome John Campbell, Professor of Political Economy, and Anker Brink Lund, Professor of Media Management, to the faculty.

It is CBS's assessment that society will continually face new challenges related to the interaction of business and politics in the global environment, and that these challenges will assume increasing importance over the coming years. Up to now, most social science research in Denmark has taken a national perspective and the differentiation of institutional development among various nations has not been extensively investigated. The establishment of the International Center for Business and Politics will therefore satisfy a growing need for research in institutional productivity with a comparative perspective.

International profile

The center's international profile includes a geographic element, as the Center's international perspective is reinforced by the engagement of an array of foreign researchers from leading institutions, such as Dartmouth College and McGill University, as well as other leading universities in Europe, North America and Australia with 25 European and American researchers to be associated with the center as adjunct or visiting professors.

The inspiration that will result from the cooperation of research centers throughout the world will be supplemented by the guidance of a 9 member advisory board made up of leading international researchers and representatives from the public sector, industry, finance and media in Denmark.

Research profile

The center's research will broadly embrace

political science, economy, sociology, leadership and journalism with priority given to media, public-private cooperation, the labor market, European and global markets and international political economy. The research program will be complemented by a monthly series of seminars, addressing alternatively State and Economy or Media and Society. Work-in-Progress seminars, seminars for leaders in the public and the private sector, and international research conferences will also be an essential part of the center's activities.

The international array of researchers will work in concert with the 9 full time employees of the International Center for Business and Politics, including 7 Professors and 2 administrators, who will assume their posts in the remaining months of 2004.

The International Center for Business and Politics is located on Steen Blichers Vej, in a newly renovated domicile on the site of The Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Works.

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