New book

Torben Hansen and Hans Stubbe Solgaard has written a book about today's interface between retailers and consumers


The interface is highly dynamic

The book

New Perspectives on Retailing and Store Patronage Behavior describes today's interface between retailers and consumers is highly dynamic. Problems and opportunities like inceased product complexity, rapidly changing consumer expectations, and the introduction of new technologies point to the need for explaining and understanding at suitable intervals the behavior of retailers and consumers in the modern marketplace.

The book provides the reader with in-depth understanding of the interface between retailers and consumers and includes several core areas:

  • Consumer choice factors

  • Quality and value

  • Store image

  • Retail competition

  • Location

  • Modern quantitative techniques including LISREL and hierarchical Bayes modelling

  • Future perspectives

the book will be particular welcomed by MBA and postgraduate classes in retailing and consumers behavior. Also retail managers will benefit from reading this book.

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