International success for CBS-team

CBS wins first place in case competition at University of Wisconsin, Madison


CBS wins first place in case competition at University of Wisconsin, Madison

CBS is winning more and more international competitions around the world. Alone this year, the school has achieved great results at University of Southern California and McGill University Montreal and now latest a first place in the recognized CIBER MBA International Case Competition at University of Wisconsin, Madison. With an excellent, clear, and thorough presentation, the Danish team solved the following case problem: Danfoss RC in China: Going Global by analyzing the case with help from finance, risk assessment, market analyses, demographics, and future strategies.

Solve a financial problem on time

Since 1998, CBS has taken part in several competitions around the world where financial problems have been analyzed and solved within a specific time limit – and it is a part of CBS’ strategy to be successful on the international market and not least to use theory in practise. The class room is a thing of the past when the Danish teams, led by Case Competition Coach Stephanie Hadler, travel around the world to win.

No teachers, no classroom – just you and reality

“I started working with the four students, who won in Madison, already in February. However, I never worry too much about the academic abilities of the team members. I know they are good”, says coach Stephanie Hadler, who has worked as a coach for several Danish teams since 1998.

“Instead I work with the mental aspect. I try to get the team to leave the classroom, teachers, students, books and notes behind and step out into the real world as consultants, who are working professionally with a company. But also as consultants, who are able to act and communicate professionally in front of a panel of judges (CEOs), Stephanie Hadler explains.

Only one team can win

The competition is tough, and only one team can win. Since 1998, CBS has convincingly won 3 first places, 3 second places and 5 third places and has been represented in a handful of finals. Additionally, as one of the only ones in Northern Europe, CBS hosts an annually Case Competition with competitors from all over the world.


  • ”Danfoss RC in China: Going Global”

The Danish team:

  • Søren Korsbæk: tlf.: +45 3112 6674

  • Susanna Beranova: tlf.: +45 2674 2908

  • Kanit Dahl: tlf.: +45 3538 0504

  • Thomas Jannsen: tlf.: +45 2711 9632

Leader of the Danish team:

  • Stephanie Hadler: tlf.: +45 5092 5253

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