PhD student from CBS gets Tuborg prize


Prize to PhD student

Carmine Gioia from Department of International Economics and Management gets the Tuborg prize for his strong research profile.

Carmine has been a PhD student at CBS since March 2002. His research is on acquistions of domestic and international firms with focus on the estimation of cause and effort of those acquistions.


"Carmine has sucessfully completed teaching in the M.Sc. program, he has written articles which are now under review at various noteworthy jounals together with several working papers and conference presentations. In addition, Carmine has managed to establish contact with the Department of Civil Engineering for the study of discrete choice at MIT, where he is working together with Professor Moshe Ben Akiva and Dr. Tomer Toledo - two leading researchers within the field of statistical metods applied in Carmine's dissertation", says administrative director Anne Sluhan-Reich.

The prizegiving is at Tuborg - wednesday 9 June 13:30

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