CBS well represented at the world's largest management forum

Academy of Management's annual meeting is taking place right now


With more than 30 researchers, CBS is well represented at the Academy of Management's annual meeting that is taking place at Hawaii right now. In total, 30 universities contribute with more than 30 speakers and among these only four are placed outside the US, namely INSEAD, London Business School, Bocconi U i Italien and CBS.

The annual meeting is considered the world's largest, annual management forum for researchers and practicians, and more than 7,000 are gathered to discuss new tendencies within management.


Academy of Management has app. 15,000 members of which half of them participate in the annual meeting. In the beginning, it was a pure American organization, but today one third of the members come from other continents. During 5 days, 1,300 sessions take place with a total of 2,500 participants. NOCA (Network of Corporate Academics) and the Confederation of Danish Industries both arrange study trips to the meeting.


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