Business schools on three continents

CBS launch international undergraduate program


Business schools on three continentsCBS launch international undergraduate program

CHAPEL HILL - The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Kenan-Flagler BusinessSchool is partnering with the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and Copenhagen Business School (CBS) to launch a pioneering international program in undergraduate business.

The schools, each recognized as among the very best in its region, will offer the innovative Global Learning Opportunity in Business Education (GLOBE) program on all three campuses and extend learning beyond their borders through intensive academic trips to Brussels, Berlin, Shanghai, Tokyo, Washington, D.C. and Research Triangle Park, N.C.

"GLOBE is a new model of international business education for undergraduates," said UNC Kenan-Flagler Dean Steve Jones. "It goes far beyond the vision and scope of a traditional exchange program. Students will develop a comprehensive global understanding of business by experiencing the cultures and economies of other countries. And this globally dispersed and diverse class of undergraduates from some of the world's best business schools will become a network that each of them can rely upon in years to come."

“There is a need to break-through the traditional model of business curriculum to extend the learning process and experience beyond national borders,” said CUHK Faculty of Business Administration, Dean T. S. Lee. “Through GLOBE, we will guide our students through the dynamic landscape of a convergent market place where international companies engage in fierce competitions around the world. Increasingly, Asian influence in the world stage, both economically and politically, can no longer be ignored by multi-national companies vying for global dominance. CUHK business professors are well placed to contribute their expertise in Asian-related issues to the GLOBE teaching curriculum. Together with our counterparts in UNC and CBS, a truly international team of faculty members will challenge our students, broaden their horizon and embolden them to think and act with a global mindset.”

“GLOBE fits perfectly with CopenhagenBusinessSchool’s strategic vision which states that we are dedicated to

training graduates who are competitive in the international job market and

develop new research-based knowledge in partnership with companies and other institutions.”
said Copenhagen Business School Dean Ole Stenvinkel Nilsson.

Our partnership with UNC-Chapel Hill and The Chinese University of Hong Kong underscores the importance we attach to partnerships with other schools, and demonstrates our commitment to internationalizing our academic environment. We see it as an important step forward in our internationalization process, and we look forward to welcoming the new program’s students in Copenhagen. We are convinced that GLOBE will be a stimulating and challenging experience for all involved.”

The first GLOBE students will be selected for the three-year programs at CUHK and CBS in fall 2005 and into UNC's two-year undergraduate program in fall 2006.

The general atmosphere in the international academic community is spurring the kind of inter-continental thinking and acting that the GLOBE program embodies: Technologies are improving, enabling virtual learning environments for international teams of students, and international organizations of schools and universities, such as PIM – the Partnership in International Management-, where CBS, CUHK and UNC-Chapel Hill are members, are actively encouraging this kind of initiative.

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