A new global order?

Richard Sennett and Zygmunt Bauman at CBS


On June the 4th four of the world´s foremost authorities, Zygmunt Bauman, Richard Sennett, David Held and David Rasmussen will address the challenge of globalisation at Copenhagen Business School. This is a unique meeting of its kind in Denmark and an outstanding oppotunity get involved in the debate!

The attack on the Twin Towers has become a prism in which a different side of globalisation and new challenges has emerged. Re-thinking what constitutes the global order today becomes pressing. The concern must be how to deal with the challenge of globalisation, and formulating

what society is
today is of great importance.

As two of the most distinctive sociologists working today, Richard Sennett and Zygmunt Bauman can bring this discussion to the point. At the conference they´ll set the scene for a comprehensive debate to continue all morning. In the afternoon David Held and David Rasmussen as leading analysts on globalisation will put this into the perspectives of world politics and political philosophy.

Zygmunt Bauman and Richard Sennett adress the challenges for a Europe in a global order. From their approach, thinking sociology as a way of insisting on compassion and respect, the question: how should Europe deal with the challenge of globalisation today, and what are the areas of most concern?

David Held and David Rasmussuen continue the discussion questioning the striking performance of power that United States shows today. To do so, they reflect upon the US hegemony and point out the significant need of a global multilateral and cosmopolitian order.

To qualify the discussion, Richard Sennett will respond to David Held, and David Held will respond to David Rasmussen.

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