Statista: easy-to-use statistics hub

Access to lots of statistical data on industries, consumption, countries, goods, and much more.


Statista makes data collection both interesting and user-friendly. The database pulls data from public sources and re-arranges it in cool, ready-to-use Word and PowerPoint compatible visualizations. A systematic reference regime makes tracking down primary sources for further exploration really easy.

Statista contents

Statista data are global in scope and are pulled from public sources such as the World Bank, the US Census Bureau, and the International Monetary Fund, as well as from “protected” sources via press releases etc.  Each statistical entry is accompanied by detailed background information, including source, date of publication, methodology, and keywords.
Statista contents are sorted into the following categories: Statistics, Studies, Dossiers & Industry Reports, Topics, and Infographics. Each new search result will show from which categories data have been pulled. In the Studies category are included company annual reports and reports from various organisations. The category Dossiers & Industry Reports contains PowerPoint presentations, including references, compiled by Statista staff and providing an outline of an industry or a topic, e.g. the US wine market, the global car industry, or Chinese price index and rate of inflation. CBS Library does not offer access to the Research & Analysis section.

Statista is truly up-to-date and offers interesting infographics as well as posters on popular topics, e.g. Twitter advertising and smartphone e-commerce, all available for download and integration as illustrations.

Searching Statista

Statista allows you to navigate data by topic which makes it easy to find relevant and detailed statistics on e.g.  Travel, Tourism & Hospitality, Consumer Goods & FMCG, Technology & Telecommunication etc.
You can also use the search box to search the database by keywords. Statista does not offer advanced search features like you find in a lot of other databases. On the other hand Statista allows you to delimit your search result by geography and publication year or to explore contents by using Statista tags. In many cases, links to related statistics are also available. You might also want to look into the possibility of narrowing your search down to only certain types of documents, e.g. Statistics or the exceedingly prose-oriented Studies, Dossiers & Industry Reports.

Statista in English and German

Statista is a German product and as such contains huge amounts of very detailed information on Germany and the German market. Contents are not the same across the two databases so if you are specifically looking for data on Germany and not Europe as a whole, you might want to consider starting out in the German database, and of course, using German keywords!

Information on industries and markets

CBS Library offers several databases containing information on industries and markets. You'll find the databases in the list of databases. Click on the category Industries and Markets. You are also welcome to ask the librarians at Solbjerg Plads - they are happy to help you search.

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