Regnskabsordbøgerne nu på CBS


Nu er det nemmere at slå regnskabstermer op. I Regnskabsordbøgerne får du definitioner og oversættelser på danske og engelske begreber indenfor regnskab, revision og økonomistyring. Ordbøgerne kan downloades til din desktop.

Forside af regnskabsordbogen
Opslag i regnskabsordbøgerne på Resultatdisponering

What does organic growth mean in an accounting context? And how do I translate revenue into Danish?

The answers can be found in the Accounting Dictionaries (Regnskabsordbøgerne) that CBS Library now provides access to. The accounting dictionaries are part of and they are accessible to CBS students and staff from where ever you are working.

The accounting dictionaries are a collection of professional dictionaries in the fields of accounting, auditing, and financial management.

There are 4 dictionaries available:

  • Regnskab Danish
  • Regnskab Danish-English
  • Regnskab English
  • Regnskab English-Danish

This gives you access to more than 6,000 words and 25,000 collocations and examples in each dictionary.

The offers several dictionaries, but CBS students and staff only have access to the Accounting Dictionaries (Regnskabsordbøgerne). Instead, use the access to Gyldendals Ordbøger if these are too specialized.


Download the Accounting Dictionaries for mobile, tablet or PC.

You can download the dictionaries so you always have them at your fingertips. Follow the instructions and select "Enkeltbruger" (single user).


Where can you find accounting information?

If you need help finding accounting information and annual reports, you can get guidance on various company databases in our Libguide on company information.

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