Ready for Career Fair 2023?

Make the most of CBS Library resources when hunting for a job. See which databases we recommend you to use.


Career Fair at CBS

On Tuesday 7 February  you are invited to CBS Career Fair 2023.

Research the company you want to meet at the Career Fair and be prepared for the interview. CBS Library offers access to company information, industry reports, consumer behaviour data, corporate news, and much more, all of it useful when trying to get an idea of the company with which you are seeking employment, including the sector in which it operates, its customers, and current market situation.

Below we have listed the most relevant databases if you want to research the company you are interested in.

What is happening in the industry or market?

These databases contain information on specific industries and markets.

Passport: Apart from market statistics and reports this database also contains industry reports, company profiles, product data, and consumer lifestyle analyses.

GlobalData Explorer: Information about industries, consumer goods, countries, and companies.

Frost&Sullivan: This database contains reports covering technology and market trends in various industries, including aerospace and defence, energy, biotechnology, telecom, information technology, transportation, electronics, and semiconductors.

Company news coverage?

Børsen Business Net /Dagbladet Børsen and Infomedia allow you to immerse yourself in current news about specific industries or companies from a Danish perspective.

Factiva is a hub for international news and corporate information. Search for a specific company or industry and get to know the current challenges facing the company you are applying with.

What are the financial results?

Check out the financial accounts to gain an understanding of the company situation of the past couple of years. You will find all Danish VAT registered companies in Navne & Numre Erhverv. Orbis allows you to scrutinize the accounts of a large number of companies from all over the world.

Job application and interview pointers

In addition to all this you will find books on relevant subjects in the basement at Solbjerg Plads: 
Career planning and development → 658.302
Applications, job interviews and tests → 658.311


See Career Fair’s homepage with relevant information (including a list of participating companies).

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