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Quick and easy access to online dictionaries. Install a desktop version on your computer and you have quality dictionaries at your fingertips.


Gyldendals desktopordbog

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One of the most popular and widely used databases at CBS Library is Gyldendal's Dictionaries.

As CBS students and staff you can install a desktop version on your computer. This way you have constant access to the dictionaries on your local drive.

Install Gyldendal's dictionary to your desktop

To get started you need to install a small application on your computer. It is a quick process and once completed you will have a short-cut to a whole suit of dictionaries readily available on your desktop.:
Download the DesktopOrdbog to your computer.

Is it different from the web-based dictionary?

No, not at all. You can use the Desktop version exactly the same way as the online version, that is, to look up words, find translations and grammatical applications, identify phrases and idioms, and even hear the correct pronunciation of words.

What languages are covered?

You have the choice of a number of bilingual dictionaries from Danish to any of the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, and vice versa. You also have access to a few specialized and subject-based dictionaries, including Økonomisk Ordbog (economic dictionary).

Hint to settings

Go to settings to decide where you want the dictionary to appear and if you want it to launch whenever you start your computer.

If you prefer a full-screen version, try out the online dictionary on ordbog

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