New database: MarketLine

Information about industries, consumer goods, countries, and companies, including SWOT, PESTLE, and Five Forces analyses.


Which companies control the Spanish apparel industry? What is the status of German purchasing power? How much organic food is sold in America? How is aviation in Brazil faring?

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MarketLine contains reports about industries, countries, and companies worldwide.

Use MarketLine to find information about specific markets or products and the companies that are active in those markets. 

Report contents

Industry reports include:

  • Market survey

  • Projections

  • ”Five forces” analyses

  • Market leaders

  • Macroeconomic data


Country reports include:

  • PESTLE analyses, i.e. country-level analyses of political, economic, social, technological, legal, and environmental indicators.

Company reports include:

  • SWOT analyses

  • Subsidiaries

  • History

  • Competitors

In addition to the above reports you will also find case studies and corporate news. All reports are PDF and Microsoft Word downloadable. 

Statistical data
MarketLine comprises two databanks, one providing market data analytics, the other country statistics. The database allows you to select data sets of special interest and to make cross-country and cross-product comparisons.

For instance, use market data analytics to find data on the consumption of beverages in Denmark broken down by age, market shares, brands, sales outlets etc. Excel export is available for all tables.

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